Decisions, decisions

Okay, so we finally got our numbers for the amount of our ss checks, we think dh’s is a bit low and wonder how they came up with it since his 2013 income is still not recorded, but that is another issue.

The amount is more than we originally thought, but less than what we were lead to believe.

So now we need to decide how to apply it. Based on the higher amount we were told we had a set amount planned to go on the debt snowball, and that would leave roughly $400 per month to do “extras” like vehicle repair, new eye glasses etc. I had those calculations fairly well done in my head and that made dh retiring May 1, 2015.

Well the difference is only about $200. So do we go ahead with the repairs and truly needed purchases on a monthly basis as we had planned and pay less on the snowball, which could delay his retirement and some big travel plans we are sort of locked into (but not set in stone) OR do we stick tough on the pre-set amount we had discussed on the debt pay off and wait on eye glasses and such? Remember we are entering our 5th year of being pretty true to the plan, so we are a bit weary of it.