How do you get rid of the little stuff?

When I look around the stuff that could probably get junked, a lot of it is stuff that doesn’t have enough value to be freecycled or sold separately, maybe not even enough value to go in a donation box, but at the same time it’s not exactly *trash*.

Little plastic toys. Cases for things that aren’t around. The disk drive from an older thinkpad. computer cables. postcard, more little plastic toys. An odd little divided storage container, maybe for beads or pills. An 8mm tape. Old computer games. notebooks with scribbling on the front. a pair of size seven foam shoe inserts, not in a package.
little tins. A pair of white shoelaces (of the sort I still use, but since the kittens grew up the laces seem to outlast shoes). A mouse pad.

There’s tons of this sort of stuff in the house. Not trash, not big enough to freecycle. Not interesting enough to donate to a school yard sale.

heh, maybe I should make a box and freecycle it as a “free box” for someone’s yard sale?