I took a few days off to recharge my batteries and get some projects taken care of at home

My #1 priority was cleaning the floor. Well, I got that halfway done – still have to wash the kitchen floor, but I did manage to sweep up the gazillion pieces of cardboard and paper the puppies have shredded (cheap amusement).

I caught up on watching TV programs I enjoyed, crocheted and slept in and watched The Wolverine, Despicable Me 2, and Elysium on DVD AND I treated myself to some microwave natural popcorn and some chocolate and some ice cream. So now I feel much more cheerful and more my sunny-natured self.

I also got Jerry the Geo almost cleaned out – still have to vacuum out the hay – I did get all the junk mail out of the car so now I have a passenger seat that can be sat in. The back seat has the boxes of bee hive equipment that we’ll be assembling this weekend, and some catalogs and info that I need to designate a place for in the filing cabinet. I also cleaned out the trunk but promptly stuck the kerosene container in there since I need Kerosene on Saturday – but I do have space in there now and yes, it has hay in it so I need to vacuum there too.

On the subject of catalogs – is there ANYWAY I can get off of the catalog company lists? I’m being deluged by catalogs of stuff I never buy (new born baby stuff, I mean, really?!) – if it was seed catalogs or livestock catalogs I could understand it, but newborn baby stuff?????? I have five x 30 gallon black bags of catalogs to recycle or get rid of somehow!

Jerry went back to the mechanic because that darn oil leak has been driving me crazy and it turns out the oil filter was extremely loose and that could be the cause of the 2 quarts a week I’ve been replacing. So we’ll see. Mr. Summers also found a transmission leak – the hose needs to be replaced and that will cost $60 so I’m okay with that. And he checked it all at no charge 🙂

My power steering has been leaking for a long time so he’ll price that for me and I’ll see where I stand on getting that repaired. They were worried that the transmission had a bad leak until I explained that for whatever reason, the Geo uses transmission fluid for the power steering so it goes everywhere.

I still have to replace the driver’s side door handle and the driver’s side passenger door handle – both broke so I’m having to clamber in the passenger side to open the driver side. Which is fine if I’m wearing pants, not so grand if I’m wearing a dress or skirt LOL. I think I’ll probably have to replace all the door handles eventually.

I am also halfway with getting the kitchen cleaned up and presentable. The dust is still driving me crazy, so I’ve decided that if I have to wash the pots and pans and dishes before I use them, so be it, they need to be in the cabinets and not on the drying rack (no dishwasher) and maybe I’ll invest in a dishwasher if I can justify the expense.

Still plugging away on budgeting which I’m better at some days than others.

So, that’s my update.